Who We Are

Giving A Purpose Podcast is a pace-setting podcast service that is devoted to answering life’s tough questions in a simple and accurate approach through our podcasts which are hosted by Mr. L. A. We want to fill the void created by the lack of truly motivational, inspirational, educational and informative materials that would enhance the ability of people to discover who they really are and maximize their potentials.


We are Inspirational

We help light up that imaginary an inner light bulb in everyone of our listeners. We will guide you to becoming innovative, and accentuate your genius in any field of endeavor you might operate in. We inspire you to want to break out of the mainstream and set new boundaries that only you can break. Our podcasts will bring out the most productive and achievement version of you.

We are motivational

Our podcasts will spur you to see beyond disappointments, past failures, and regrets that tend to slow down the drive of many potentially successful people. The Giving A Purpose Podcast helps you to conquer the limitations the society has placed before you, and reject mediocrity and playing second-fiddle and settling for less than is achievable.

We are Informational

We fully understand that the people who are on top, are there primarily because of superior information. Information is power. Our podcasts will also meet your information needs, and because we understand that our listeners will come from a wide range of sectors of society, we have brought and will continue to bring information that is relevant to all fields of endeavors.

We are educational

Our podcasts are highly educational. We deliver practical professionally and intellectual knowledge that will position you to be at an advantage in your field of study, career, and area of interest. Our intellectually stimulating podcasts will shed light on esoteric segments of various topics of interest.

The Giving A Purpose Podcast is designed to in a short time, transform our listeners from people who need solutions to the very problem solvers themselves be they high school students, millennial’s, young adults and adults.

The Giving A Purpose Podcast instills a new mentality by sharpening the minds of our listeners and urging them to aspire for the top. We do not believe that second best is good enough.


Good Vibes and Positivity

To keep you confident and positive, our podcasts have been tailored to be as fun and spiced with humor as possible. We understand that serious doesn’t have to be boring, so we guarantee you good vibes all through our session.



We also do not forget to touch on the most powerful human emotion there is. Our podcasts contain materials that will help you utilize this potent emotion to your benefit and establish long-lasting relationships with people./span>


Self-Value and worth

We at the Giving A Purpose Podcast realize how important it is for self-value to be realized sad early as possible. Understanding your role and relevance is key in any segment of life. And this is why as you will discover when you sign up for our podcasts, the discovery of self-worth is one of the strongest and most prominent themes of our materials. We cannot wait to be given the opportunity to surpass your expectations.

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