The Giving A Purpose Podcasts, hosted by Mr L. A represents everything educational, inspirational, informative, and motivational for high school students, millennials, young adults and adults.

The Giving A Purpose Podcast, is a cutting-edge project that is makes available through stimulating podcasts, wisdom that will competently and reassuringly answer the greatest questions that continue to plague humanity.


Who is Mr. LA?

I am a Speaker, Personal and Professional development Coach. My purpose is to positively impact the lives of my community. In the area of Personal and Professional Development I focus on: How to lead. How to serve. How to communicate. Time management and Character Building!

My mission is to connect with the youth, young adults, student-athletes, businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. I want to show them how to “out do the old you” and to climb to the next level. So, let’s create a partnership and build up!

What you will discover on the Giving A Purpose Podcast!

Giving A Purpose Podcast will bring to light, those hidden talents and raw abilities that you require to succeed.

Everyone is born with exceptional talents that if discovered, would be relevant to the emancipation of mankind and societal advancement. The Giving A Purpose Podcast will ensure that you life’s story ends differently from those of billions of people who have left the world without finding why they were in it.

This podcast will not only help with talent discovery but will provide guidelines that can be employed in developing talents.

The Giving A Purpose Podcast will help you build the right disposition towards the nagging problems of handling regret disappointments, stagnancy and lack of drive or motivation. The podcasts will guide you on focusing on the days ahead because the best days of your life are waiting to meet you.

The Giving A Purpose Podcast will show you the foundational principles of resounding success that have been tested over the years and proven to be relevant in all fields of human endeavor.

Breaking a bad habit could be a daunting task but is nevertheless possible. Many people have over the years been quite successful in breaking negative habits. Find out the proven methods for eradicating toxic lifestyles and forming positive habits.

Our Mission

The Giving A Purpose Podcast is a result oriented response to your informational, motivational, educational and inspirational needs of life.

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